About the Danish Psychological Association

The Danish Psychological Association is a professional union and representative body for psychologists in Denmark.

The aims of the Association are:

  • To protect the professional, financial and copyright related interests of its members.
  • To promote interest in psychology and awareness of its significance, to try to ensure better conditions for psychological research and practical psychological work and to ensure that the education, including further training of psychologists, is in accordance with the findings of psychological research.
  • To promote cooperation and understanding between psychologists and other professional groups who exhibit shared interests and work relationships.
  • To seek to ensure growth and development through psychological health and welfare.
  • To organize all psychologists including public employees, private-sector employees, private practitioners (clinical and organizational psychologists) and chief psychologists.
Association Members

The Association numbers more than 10.000 members. The members consist of:

  • Masters of Science in Psychology (MSc)
  • Masters of Educational Psychology
  • Masters of Arts (MA)
  • Psychology students at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus , Aalborg and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

To become a member of the Danish Psychological Association you must meet specific educational requirements.

Who can become a member

The Danish Psychological Association is a professional union and representative body for Danish as well as foreign psychologists in Denmark.

We welcome you as a member if you:

  • Are either studding psychology in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg or at the University og southern Denmark or
  • You already have a Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology, a Master of Educational Psychology or a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology

If you meet these requirements, please contact Mette Gorski mg@dp.dk or Marianne Rostock mro@dp.dk.

Approval of non-Danish Basic Education

If you hold a non-Danish psychology degree, it must be evaluated and approved by the “Ministry of Higher Education and Science”. For more information, see their homepage.

Please note that in most psychology jobs it is a prerequisite for the psychologist to be able to speak, read and understand Danish. Similarly, Danes, although being familiar with English, must not be expected to conduct a psychological analysis or treatment in English or any other foreign language.

Approval of non-Danish Continuing Education and Authorization

The Danish authorization of psychologists is administered by the Danish Supervisory Board for Psychological Practice under the The Council of Appeal on Health and Safety at Work

If you wish to have your non-Danish continuing education approved or equated as part of the Danish authorization, please contact the Danish Supervisory Board for Psychological Practice.

For more information, see the homepage of the Danish Supervisory Board for Psychological Practice.

Approval of non-Danish Continuing Education and Specialist Degree

The specialist degrees in Denmark are administered by the Danish Psychological Association.
If you wish to have your non-Danish continuing education approved or equated as part of a Danish specialist degree, please contact the Danish Psychological Association.

Please contact dp@dp.dk regarding approval of non-Danish continuing education as part of a Danish specialist degree.

Membership Fees

The membership rates depend on whether you are employed full-time or part-time, are a student, are unemployed, are receiving early retirement benefits or are a senior citizen.

The actual fee for a fulltime employee is 1.824 kr. pr. quarter and 822 kr. for an employee with less than 15 hours pr. week.

Please contact Mette Gorski mg@dp.dk or Marianne Rostock mro@dp.dk for further informations.


As a member, you must notify the Association of a change of address and changes in employment conditions and number of working hours, and submit any other information which is significant in determining the membership fee.

Notification must be made immediately after any change has occurred and before the next quarterly change.

For any questions regarding membership fees or changes, please contact Mette Gorski mg@dp.dk or Marianne Rostock mro@dp.dk.

You can make changes through www.mitdp.dk.

Resignation of membership

You may resign from the Danish Psychological Association with not less than 3 months notice from the first coming month. The resignation must be in writing. Please note that there are special regulations in the event of any conflicts in the labor market.

Counseling rights

Assistance to members on issues concerning conditions of salary and employment may not be granted until after 3 months of membership and are only relevant to matters which have occurred after membership registration. The 3-month rule does not apply to new graduates who are registered immediately upon completion of exams. Assistance is not granted to a member who has not paid outstanding membership fees.

If the Board considers that there are special circumstances, exceptions may be made.

Wages and working conditions

Wages and employment

Danish psychologists are employed in a variety of areas. They may, for instance, be employed in pedagogical psychological counseling, in hospitals, in crisis situations, as consultants in private companies or as self-employed psychologists in their own clinics. They may also work within various types of administrative, educational or communication oriented projects.

The Danish Psychological Association seeks to ensure the best possible employment conditions and settings for practicing the profession of psychology both for members who are employed in the public sector and the private sector as well as for members pursuing the profession.

We can offer you assistance regarding wages and employment conditions. If you are a new graduate, we offer you immediate assistance and counseling. For all other members, we offer our assistance after three months of membership and only pertaining to cases which have occurred after your time of registration.

  • Public employees: The Association organizes psychologists who are employed in the local municipalities, regions and the state and it has a collective agreement with all public employers. These agreements establish a great number of regulations regarding, for instance, the salary system, pension, working hours, resignation/redundancy, a child’s first sick day etc..
  • Private employees: The Danish Psychological Association assists private sector employees with specific counseling on wages and employment conditions and salary level, and readily reviews an employer’s proposed employment contract. In addition, the Danish Psychological Association has made agreements with a number of private organizations/companies which employ psychologists.
  • Self-employed psychologists: The Danish Psychological Association also counsels psychologists who are self-employed. These individuals account for a large part of the Association’s members. The largest group consists of private practicing psychologists who work in the clinical field, approximately one half of which have an agreement with the National Health Service. Another large group consists of self-employed organizational and occupational psychologists.
Membership Benefits

As a member of the Danish Psychological Association you have a number of benefits:

  • You can receive assistance in insuring that your salary and employment conditions are appropriate
  • You can receive counseling for members in open advising
  • You may participate in the Association’s annual meetings with workshops
  • You get the opportunity to be active in the Danish Psychological Association
  • You get the opportunity to become a member of “Forbrugsforeningen af 1886” (Co-operative Society of 1886). The co-op charge card can be used in approximately 4,200 shops all over the country. Every time you use the card, you earn a customary bonus of usually 9 percent. Your bonus is paid annually on December 31. For more information see www.forbrugsforeningen.dk.
  • You get the opportunity to take out home and personal protection insurance, accident insurance, student’s insurance, etc. in the Runa Insurance Company. For more information see www.runa.dk.
  • You get the opportunity to become a member of the fitness chain fitness.dk. For more information see https://www.fitnessdk.dk
  • You get the opportunity to be included in the Association’s professional indemnity insurance (as a member of the Section for Psychologists in the Professions). The Danish Psychological Association has taken out a collective professional indemnity insurance in Runa A/S for self-employed members. Please contact the Association at: dp@dp.dk to obtain an application form and insurance policy. For more information see www.runa.dk.

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