Are you an international psychologist living and working in Denmark? Are you a psychologist who recently has moved to Denmark? Welcome to the site of the ‘Intercultural Psychology Group’. We are focusing on professional development and networking in the field of intercultural psychology. You are welcome to contact Melinda Marton with your eventual questions regarding working as a psychologist in Denmark.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our new project ‘Mentoring’

Mentorordningen er for dig, som har faglige spørgsmål omkring at være psykolog i Danmark, når man har en udenlandsk uddannelse.

Mentoring is for you, who have some concrete questions about starting your career as a psychologist in Denmark.


Why do we consider it relevant?
During the last years we have several times been contacted by international and Danish psychologists, who have studied or worked abroad and are now looking for ways to start their professional career in Denmark.
As we know, also from our own professional and personal experience, this can be challenging, and therefore we would like to share our experience with you.

How can you become a mentee?
• You are a psychologist or you are studying psychology
• You are willing to become a member of the Society for Intercultural Psychology
• You are already a member of Danish Psychology Society or are on the way to become one.

How can we help you?
From our experience we know that it can be challenging to build up a new career in Denmark, especially if you come with an international background. Doors might open slowly and it might be difficult to get in touch with relevant colleagues.
We will assist you with information about the formal procedures and with networking. We will help you to understand what are the possibilities around being a psychologist in Denmark. How to decode the cultural and professional setting and how to understand different working options. Together we will focus on creating awareness about your professional skills and competences so you can build up a professional confidence in Dk.

How does it work?
You contact us with your questions and let us know what your situation looks like.
We will meet with you in person and will take it from there. We can not promise a lifetime mentor- mentee relationship, but will try to help you on track professionally and to introduce you to a network.
We are a team of psychologist with different competences, so depending on your questions you will be contacted by the person who has most expertise in this area.
Place and time of meeting will be depending on what works best for both mentor and mentee.
If you think this is relevant for you, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us under Melinda Marton at sip@dp-decentral.dk or melimarton@gmail.com

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