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 Katherine Shear    Mai-Britt Guldin

Katherine Shear, Professor and Director of Center for Complicated Grief, Columbia University, New York.
Mai-Britt Guldin, PhD, Clinical Psychology Specialist, Senior Researcher at Aarhus University Hospital

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Prolonged Grief Disorder is a new ICD-11 diagnosis for a grief-related disorder also known as complicated grief. Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) is the first of a group of treatments that have emerged in the past 10-15 years to alleviate symptoms of this disorder. 
Professor Katherine Shear led the team that developed and tested this therapy. She now directs the Center for Complicated Grief where they have trained thousands of therapists and continue to conduct research. There is strong evidence supporting the efficacy of CGT for prolonged/complicated grief. (see references below). CGT has been conducted at Aarhus University Hospital by Mai-Britt Guldin for the past four years collecting the first Danish experiences and helping Danish clients with their grief reactions and teaching colleagues.
In the two-day workshop Professor Shear and Mai-Britt Guldin provide step-by-step training in CGT. A third workshop day with Mai-Britt Guldin provides a follow up opportunity to work with experiences doing this treatment and its implementation in a Danish context. 

Thus, the goals of this three-day workshop are to 

  1. teach a basic model of grief and adapting to loss that guides CGT
  2. present the specific procedures and the evidence base for this intervention.  
  3. provide step-by-step training in how to provide this state-of-the-science treatment method using simple instructions, video demonstrations and small group role play practic

The workshop has the following learning objectives 

  1. Participants will be able to evaluate symptoms of complicated/prolonged grief
  2. On an introductory level, participants will be able to conduct step-by-step Complicated Grief Therapy including using the seven core themes and novel, state of the art psychotherapy procedures 
  3. On an introductory level, participants will be able to conduct step-by-step implementation of the exposure-based procedure for living with reminders
  4. Participants will be able to reflect on experiences doing the CGT treatment and its implementation in a Danish context

Teaching form 
These goals and learning objectives will be achieved by presenting the rationale, instructions and case examples for a set of simple effective procedures, providing handouts to be used in clinical practice, video demonstrations as well as audience exercises to further reinforce the utility of the treatment. 

Please read the following 5 articles before the lecture. The articles are available in ‘MitDP’ 3 weeks before the workshop:

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The Center for Complicated Grief offers a free manual (pdf) to all participants.

About the speakers:
M. Katherine Shear, M.D., Professor and founding Director of the Center for Complicated Grief at Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Shear is a clinical researcher who first worked in anxiety and depression. For the last two decades she has focused on understanding and treating people who experience persistent intense grief. She developed and tested Complicated Grief Therapy, a short-term targeted intervention focused on fostering adaptation to loss and confirmed its efficacy in three large NIMH-funded studies. Dr. Shear is widely recognized for her work in bereavement, including both research and clinical awards from the Association for Death Education and Counseling and invited authorship of articles for Uptodate and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Mai-Britt Guldin, PhD., Clinical Psychology Specialist, Senior Researcher at Aarhus University Hospital. Mai-Britt Guldin is running a research program "Tab & Sorg" providing research on loss, bereavement and grief in Denmark. She has more than 15 years of experience with grief therapy and provides training for doctors, psychologists, pastors etc. She is the author of a range of research articles as well as three books: Tab og Sorg – En grundbog for professionelle; Sorg Tænkepauser samt Sorgterapi – Evidens og metoder I praksis.   

You can be further inspired by the following citations of Published Works  

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