Dansk psykologisk Selskab for Kropspsykoterapi afholder Workshop: At the center is the heart

Dansk psykologisk Selskab for Kropspsykoterapi afholder Workshop:
At the center is the heart

In this 2-days experiential workshop we will focus on: Exploring the role of the heart in psychotherapy
The heart is the thousand stringed instrument which can only be tuned with love
– Hafiz
The heart is a primary organ of transformation of self, other, and the world, and it is the organ of connection and relationship. Beyond anatomy, the heart is a quality of energy, a felt experience, a symbol, and a way of being. The heart has the potential to regulate and balance us on all levels and one of its primary tasks is to find a harmonious relationship with the natural order of life. The current lens of psychotherapeutic thinking and theory is very focused on neuroscience, and the significance of the heart is often overshadowed or lost. However, the heart, as well as the brain, plays a central role in personal life and in deep therapeutic work, whether we consciously recognize this or not. This informs us as therapist to become conscious of our heart and to perceive, soften, and open our own heart qualities as an essential part of the therapeutic work.
In this 2-day experiential workshop, we will practice tuning into our own and our client’s hearts on physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic levels. We will explore perceiving from our heart and cultivating the heart-centered qualities of awareness, connection, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and acceptance in ourselves and our clients. We will practice tracking, assessing, and engaging the heart at different stages of the psychotherapeutic process. Different therapeutic interventions addressing the heart will be studied and applied as we address the questions “How can an individual deepen into life and relationship through the potency of the heart?” and “How can a psychotherapist utilize the heart in deepening the therapeutic process?”

About the teachers:
Craig Toonder, MFT is a somatic psychotherapist in Oakland, California. He has trained in Formative Therapy, Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Psycho-Physical Therapy. He has studied a variety of body work modalities including massage therapy, Chi Nei Tsang organ work, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation. He created and taught curriculum for the Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute and is currently an adjunct faculty professor at JFK University’s program in somatic psychotherapy.
For more information on his trainings and work visit: www.somaticresourcingtraining.com
Pernille Bruhn, cand.psych., PhD is a somatic psychotherapist in Copenhagen with a background in research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. She has trained in body-oriented psychotherapy through the Psycho-physical Therapy Institute. She is a dedicated student of holistic approaches to body-mind health such as yoga and qigong, and is also inspired in her work by the power of poetry and of nature to awaken the human heart. She offers heart-centered workshops in personal and professional growth weaving psychology, mindfulness, body-awareness, and somatic resourcing.
See: www.somaticresourcing.dk

7-8 april 2018 begge dage 10-17:30
I københavn
early bird 3200 kr. for medlemmer af selskabet ved betaling senest 3. marts 2018, halv pris for studerende, pensionister og arbejdsledige, 3500 kr. for gæster.
Efter den 3. marts 2018 stiger beløbet med 300 kr.
en let frokost, kaffe/the mv.
til Dina Charleman: dina.charleman@gmail.com senest 1. april 2018 (ved tilmeding skriv da dit navn, om du er medlem eller ønsker at blive det). 
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Kursus - Dansk psykologisk Selskab for Kropspsykoterapi afholder Workshop: At the center is the heart

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07-04-2018 10:00 - 08-04-2018 17:30


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