Selskab for Psykotraumatologi afholder 2 dages workshop med George Bonanno

Selskab for Psykotraumatologi afholder 2 dages workshop med George Bonanno: 
Resilience in the face of loss and traumatic events 
Tid: 24. og 25. oktober 2018 hhv. kl. 10-17 og kl. 9-16.
Sted: Hotel Kong Arthur, Nørre Søgade 23, København 
George Bonanno is a professor of Clinical Psychology at  Columbia University, U.S.A. He is responsible for introducing the controversial idea of resilience to the study of loss and trauma. He is known as a pioneering researcher in the field of bereavement and trauma.
George Bonannos research focuses on how people cope with potentially traumatic events, such as the death of a loved one, terrorist attack, disaster and medical emergency. His studies have documented our natural resilience to these events and explored the factors that help us cope effectively; these include our repertoire of emotional reactions, especially positive emotion and laughter, personality, and the context of our lives.
Based on his comprehensive research George Bonanno in this workshop will lead us through these themes:
Resilience: Describing a natural resilience as the main component of grief and trauma reactions in people who face major losses, such as the death of a spouse, the loss of a child, having suffered sexual abuse as a child, or losing a loved one in severe stressor events. 
Based on pre-loss data, outlining four trajectories of grief and trauma reactions:
The four trajectories are as follows:
Resilience: “The ability of adults in otherwise normal circumstances who are exposed to an isolated and potentially highly disruptive event, such as the death of a close relation or a violent or life-threatening situation, to maintain relatively stable, healthy levels of psychological and physical functioning” as well as “the capacity for generative experiences and positive emotions.”
Recovery: “When normal functioning temporarily gives way to threshold or sub-threshold psychopathology (e.g., symptoms of depression or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)), usually for a period of at least several months, and then gradually returns to pre-event levels.”
Chronic dysfunction: Prolonged suffering and inability to function, usually lasting several years or longer.
Delayed grief or trauma: When adjustment seems normal but then distress and symptoms increase months later. Researchers have not found evidence of delayed grief, but delayed trauma appears to be a genuine phenomenon.
Demonstrating that absence of grief or trauma symptoms is a healthy outcome, rather than something to be feared as has been the thought and practice until his research.
Coping ugly: Coining the phrase "coping ugly" to describe the idea that coping with grief takes many forms, some of which seem counter intuitive.
Demonstrating scientifically that some practices common in grief counseling, trauma counseling, and among therapists after potentially traumatic events can be harmful.
Because resilience is natural, it is not clear how it can be "taught" through specialized programs, and currently there is no existing research on the efficacy of resilience training nor is there existing research to support major investment in such things as military resilience training programs.
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Kursus - Selskab for Psykotraumatologi afholder 2 dages workshop med George Bonanno

Dato og tid

24-10-2018 10:00 - 25-10-2018 16:00

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01-09-2018 16:00:00


Hotel Kong Arthur, Nørre Søgade 23, København

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