Dansk Sundhedspsykologisk Selskab afholder kursus: PREVENTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHRONIC PAIN IN HEALTH CARE

A Psychological Approach to Early Identification and Intervention
A Workshop with Professor Steven J. Linton
This interactive workshop focuses on psychological methods for the early identification of patients who will likely develop chronic pain and interventions to prevent this from happening.  In order to understand the approach we will first review the role of psychological factors in the development of chronic pain related disability. 
This entails cognitive beliefs and behavioral aspects as well as the emotional reactions that drive these.  Particular focus will be on how strategies patients use to cope with acute problems can paradoxically enhance the development of disability. We will examine the role of some especially important factors that drive the development of chronic pain e.g. fear and avoidance, anxiety, and depression. With this base, we will turn our attention toward early identification procedures.  Indeed, screening procedures key on these psychological factors to identify those likely to develop a problem.  We will learn to use these assessment techniques not only to identify patients in need of early interventions, but also to pinpoint risk factors that need to be targeted in treatment.  
Since many of the main risk factors concern psychological variables, early interventions need to address these.  Through demonstrations and role play we will discover how to target these and apply psychological techniques to help patients deal with their pain-related problems.  In particular, we will work with brief programs designed to facilitate the patient’s ability to deal with the pain and its ramifications.  Moreover, since co-occurring problems e.g. depression and sleep disturbances are frequently reported, we will also consider interventions that can tackle these important factors.  
A feature of the workshop is an opportunity to actively learn the “how-to” aspects of early assessment and intervention.  Participants will gain practical experience through a variety of demonstrations, video clips, case presentations, discussion, and role-play.  In this way, each participant will have the possibility to advance their clinical skills.
Steven J. Linton is professor of clinical psychology and the director of the Center for Health and Medical Psychology (CHAMP), Ørebro, Sverige where major lines of research focus on pain and sleep. 

This research ranges from early preventive interventions with adults to prevent chronic pain, to the treatment of chronic pain co-morbid with other problems e.g. depression or insomnia. 

Kurset er godkendt af Det Sundhedspsykologiske Fagnævn på Specialiseringsmodulet, generel klinisk viden (
Sted: Dansk Psykolog Forening, Stockholmsgade 27, 2100 København Ø. 
Kurset foregår på engelsk.
Tid: Torsdag d. 10 januar 2019 kl. 10.00-17.00 og fredag d. 11 januar 2019, kl. 9.00-16.00.
Der serveres frokost og eftermiddagskaffe.
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Kursus - Dansk Sundhedspsykologisk Selskab afholder kursus: PREVENTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHRONIC PAIN IN HEALTH CARE


Dansk Psykolog Forening København
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2100 København Ø

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10-01-2019 10:00 - 11-01-2019 16:00


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