From analogue to digital – what do you need to do and learn as a digital therapist?

Held at University of Copenhagen. In this workshop we will take a deeper look at therapist behaviors in digital interventions and what can be learned from research and clinical experience. You will work with your own preconceptions and skillset by discussing with other psychologists and getting expert input.

As a participant you will learn more about what working as a digital psychologist is all about and how you can prepare yourself to provide therapy this way compared to what you do as of today.

Kristofer Vernmark is PhD, Psychologist, and author on digital psychology and internet-based interventions. Kristofer has worked with digital psychology and internet-based treatment for over 15 years and has made a significant contribution to the widespread use of digital interventions in the Swedish healthcare system. He has written a doctoral thesis and several books on the subject, and in 2018 he started the network for Digital psychologists in Sweden.

Årsmøde 2022